d Slav de Hren is a rare mix of two musical personalities - the first one is a prominent underground avant-garde guitar player and the second - a very sofisticated and experienced soft-jazz and rock drummer. Their music combines the sharp guitar edge with the pulsating percussion in a nuclear copulation of jazz, rock and classical music.

Svetoslav Bitrakov plays the drums in several bands during the period 1981 - 1991 - Canon, Dilemma, New Generation, Slaviani and Accent. In 1991 together with Lubomir Velev he forms the group Slav and releases 6 albums. During this period he produces two solo albums - "Slavi Bitrakov" - 1993 and "Seconds" - 1996. From 2003 to 2006 he writes short stories, published in a bundle together with the album "Tavata" - Unusual small stories "Magician's Top Hat".

In 1985 George Marinov formed the band "Wozzeck and Chugra" together with Dimitar Voev and Pencho Popov. The band released 7 albums - the last one "Bergologia" in 1992.